Style and scripts enqueue functions

Using the Enqueue functions

Why use them?

The enqueue functions are used for loading your javascript and css files. The reason they were added is because many plugins make use of javascript frameworks such as JQuery, JQuery-ui, and fancybox just to name a few. There is a high chance that these javascript files could be loaded multiple times and that is where the enqueue functions come into play. The enqueue functions help to reduce the chances of the same file getting loaded more than once.

The Enqueue functions

javascript related functions

osc_enqueue_script($id) - Enqueue script

osc_remove_script($id) - Remove script from the queue, so it will not be loaded

osc_register_script($id, $url, $dependencies = null) - Add script to be loaded

osc_unregister_script($id) - Remove script from the queue, so it will not be loaded

osc_load_scripts() - Print the HTML tags to make the script load

css related functions

osc_enqueue_style($id, $url) - Add style to be loaded

osc_remove_style($id) - Remove style from the queue, so it will not be loaded

osc_load_styles() - Print the HTML tags to make the style load

Good naming practices

If you're going to use another js library/file which is not in oc-load (for example fancybox, or any other jquery plugin) please, use a "good" name.

If you're going to use "Jquery My plugin", do not register it as "my_extrange_name", because if someone else could be registering it with a different name and then it would be loaded twice.


registering a javascript file

osc_register_script('jCarouselLite', osc_base_url() . 'oc-content/plugins/carousel_for_osclass/js/jCarouselLite.js', 'jquery');

Enqueueing the script


Enqueueing a style

    osc_base_url() . 'oc-content/plugins/carousel_for_osclass/css/slideshow.css')

You may have noticed that i did not register the style and that is because it is not required and there is no function to do so.

Ok now onto a real life example.

To use these functions you will want to create a function for this example I am going to use ex_load_scripts() please use a unique function name in your plugin if you are planning on releasing it otherwise we could end up with conflicting function names.

   function ex_load_scripts() {
       osc_register_script('jCarouselLite', osc_base_url() . 'oc-content/plugins/carousel_for_osclass/js/jCarouselLite.js', 'jquery');
       osc_enqueue_style('carouselCss', osc_base_url() . 'oc-content/plugins/carousel_for_osclass/css/slideshow.css');

Once you add that code you will then need to add the following hook to your index.php file of your plugin.

   osc_add_hook('init', 'ex_load_scripts');

To load the script on the admin side you would use this hook

   osc_add_hook('init_admin', 'ex_load_scripts');

That is all that you have to do to get your javascript and css files working in 3.1.+

For theme developers a good example can be found in the head.php file of the modern theme.

Pre registered scripts

Osclass pre registers some of the more common javascript files.

Here is the list of pre registered javascript files.

osc_register_script('jquery', osc_assets_url('js/jquery/jquery.min.js'));
osc_register_script('jquery-migrate', osc_assets_url('js/jquery-migrate/jquery-migrate.min.js'), array('jquery'));
osc_register_script('jquery-ui', osc_assets_url('js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui.min.js'), 'jquery');
osc_register_script('jquery-treeview', osc_assets_url('js/jquery-treeview/jquery.treeview.js'), 'jquery');
osc_register_script('jquery-nested', osc_assets_url('js/jquery-ui-nested/jquery-ui-nested.js'), 'jquery-ui');
osc_register_script('jquery-validate', osc_assets_url('js/jquery-validation/jquery.validate.min.js'), 'jquery');
osc_register_script('jquery-validate-additional', osc_assets_url('js/jquery-validation/additional-methods.min.js'), 'jquery-validate');
osc_register_script('jquery-spectrum', osc_assets_url('js/spectrum/spectrum.js'), 'jquery');
osc_register_script('tiny_mce', osc_assets_url('js/tinymce/tinymce.min.js'));

//Legacy js libraries
osc_register_script('tabber', osc_assets_url('osclass-legacy/js/tabber-minimized.js'), 'jquery');
osc_register_script('colorpicker', osc_assets_url('osclass-legacy/js/colorpicker/js/colorpicker.js'));
osc_register_script('php-date', osc_assets_url('osclass-legacy/js/date.js'));
osc_register_script('jquery-fineuploader', osc_assets_url('osclass-legacy/js/fineuploader/jquery.fineuploader.min.js'), 'jquery');

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