Step By Step Installation Guide

Step 1

Download and unzip the Osclass package.

Step 2

Move the Osclass unzipped files to the desired location on your server.

Step 3

Execute the Osclass installation script by accessing index.php or oc-includes/osclass/install.php from your browser:

Step 4

Follow the installer’s instructions:

  • Step 4.1

    • Make sure the server has the required permissions to write in the files and directories specified. This will allow you to create a basic configuration file as well as upload images, documents, etc.

  • Step 4.2

    • Add your access details to the database. If you haven’t created it yet, the installer will ask for another account with permissions that will allow to do it for you.

  • Step 4.3

    • Add the basic installation details and select your classifieds site’s country.

  • Step 4.4

    • Your installation is finished! Use the automatically-generated password to access your admin panel (/oc-admin).